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If you are looking for team building planning services in Barcelona or Catalonia, do check us out. Our events offer fun bonding opportunities for your employees. We design competition-based experiences that bring together colleagues from different departments, help them know each other a bit better, work in teams and leave with tangible takeaways.

Our events encourage leadership, active listening, creativity, wit, skill, agility, analysis, decision-making, values and team bonding. A fun way of learning and bonding.

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We cover Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia, planning and organizing:


Corporate & Social Responsibility team building events

Cooking & tasting team building events

Creative and artistic team building events

Leisure team building events

Physical and emotional wellbeing and immersive team building



• Tasting team building activities

- Pairing Casino Gourmet. A tasting team building where you blind taste and bet on your gastronomic skills as you unveil wines, chocolates, cheeses, snacks, aromas and flavors of the world; in a fun way around game tables. Each game table has different types of products and small dishes, as you taste your team have to bet on the correct country of origin of the product. At the end, an auction is held to bid gastronomic gifts.(More Information)

- Wine Tasting Challenge: a classic team-based wine tasting exercise. Feel like a sommelier, guess the varieties of the grapes, the regions where there the wines are made; only with the clues given and your intuition (More Information)

• Deductive & skills team building activities
- Building bridges: this is a collaborative construction game where different teams work independently to build different parts to a bridge, which will then be assembled. For the game to complete, the bridge structure needs to be robust enough for a remote-controlled car to be able to cross it (More Information)

• Creative team building activities
- The musical of your life: music is the rhythm in our lives. It impacts individual and collective harmony and spirits. Dance on the other hand is a mean to express our feelings. This event is designed for you to perform in front of an audience, surrounded by a crew who will ensure you have an unforgettable experience (More Information)

• Corporate & Social Responsibility team building activities
- Make your dreams come true: engaging in social activities as a team helps bonding, strengthens communication skills and improves morale, whilst making a positive difference to people in need. Let us know which projects you feel you can contribute to, whether social or environmental (More Information)

• Physical & emotional wellbeing team building activities
- Find out about the benefits of an active life through a range of activities.
- We offer a day off packed with health-related activities, for those passionate about healthy living. We organize dynamic practical workshops supervised by professionals in different health disciplines. We help you unveil the secrets and benefits of different healthy lifestyles. Where you will also exercise mind and body in fun ways.

• Fun & social team building
-TV contest: experience first-hand the popular shows you watch on TV. With a star master of ceremonies and a band in charge of the animation, we recreate a particular TV show, where contestants will go through different challenges and games: The Alphabet Game, 1-2-3, the Human calculator... We can also organize custom games (More Information)

Contact MICE Ocio Vital if you are looking for team building activities in Barcelona. Find out more about all we can offer!

Customized events

Our versatility and experience allow us to tailor-made your event to the last detail. You can decide from the level of intensity of the activities to the corporate values and messages you would like to work with the teams.
We can incorporate different missions and challenges to your games, pivoting around the ideas you would like to strengthen. We can also adapt and tailor themes, changing the story flow, missions or ultimate keys.
We can add any additional required elements to reinforce your brand and of course your company values.

Some of the companies we worked for

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